Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Marketer's Dream

Oh little shelves filled with useless goods and treats that I don't need, eyeing me at the checkout counter at Publix. You always manage to entice me, even just a slight glance of the eye on the off chance I might actually need something. Chapstick? No I already have about 5 in my purse...but wait, they have that new kind, yes the one clearly marked "NEW" on the label. It has SPF 100 too. Shoot maybe I should just grab a couple of those. Oh and wait, what is that I see? nail files?? Two for a $1? I really shouldn't, and yet there are still two more people in front of me waiting to pass their purchases through. Oh no, there's the new People magazine. Why yes I do want to know the latest celebrity gossip of who is anorexic these days and who just can't seem to stop putting on the pounds. Poor Kate, that princess is already getting bad headlines and yet she is so stunning. I bet Prince William coos sweet nothings in her ears at night, telling her not to mind the lies in print. Hm, what if I were a princess living with the Queen herself! Mum would be so proud. Ok, focus Nicole. Only one more person to pass through the line and then I am home clear. Wait, what's this I see? Prevention Magazine has a new walking program! And this time it will really work?! It will outline the perfect plan just for me and I will absolutely be able to follow it to the T! Yes, I must take that; I can't wait to get home and begin my new plan. Oh Ryan is going to be so happy knowing that I am finally sticking to a workout routine. Hm, where can I go get new gym clothes? Oh gosh, 2 for 1 on Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups? I mean that is a really good deal. I could put them in the freezer, just have a nibble now and then, and show extreme self control. Yes, I'll buy six now and that should last me all year. It won't be like the last time when I ate all six packets in one sitting with a bowl of ice cream while watching Harry Potter. No because now I have my walking plan ready for purchase and the cover says that it has the secrets to the top 15 ways to show self control. Everything will be different this time.

The panic sets in when I realize that the woman in front of me requires a price check. Oh God, the shelves are just staring at me now. Actually, wait...I think they might even be whispering my name. I'm trying to look everywhere, even at the bag boy who looks utterly bored with life. Oh the cashier is no help, she looks beyond annoyed and ready for her shift to end. I look down at my hands and notice them grabbing nearly everything in sight! Soon I see just about every magazine laid out on top of my groceries! And who knew that I liked so many flavors of gum! Please, somebody get this woman a price so that I can buy my groceries and be done!!

And then it happens..."paper or plastic?" Phew, just barely survived that one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bringing Jax Home

There are a lot of books out there on the lessons you can learn from your dog. It’s no surprise why they are considered man’s best friend. In fact they should probably be awarded with an even higher honor, perhaps an angel on earth here to protect us and teach us the right ways. Yes often they come across as stupid, ignorant, or perhaps even stubborn; but when you really look at the relationship you share with your furry friend you might find that there is so much more than what meets the eye.

I remember when we first picked up Jackson (“Jax”). My husband, who was my fiancĂ© at the time, and I drove to a shelter with the intentions of what might be compared to window shopping. Seriously? Who actually can go to a shelter and just look without buying? That’s like standing in an ice cream shop, smelling the waffle cones, even perhaps taste testing every 31 flavors offered and then deciding that you are satisfied with your life as it is without the very ice cream laid before you. So when we walked through those doors and saw the mass of loveable dogs, well it was clear that there would be no escape for us.

We were not instantly drawn to Jax. In fact, we had found a cute looking boxer on the website that we were hoping to meet and were disappointed when we found out he was not there that day. It wasn’t love at first sight either. When we first met him Jax (named Volusia at the time) he was solely focused on doing his best to fight off another large male dog who was persistently trying to mount him. We sort of felt bad for the little guy, who only had about 45 pounds up against what looked like a 90 pound Great Dane. No, he didn’t really stand a chance at keeping this pesky male at bay, but he certainly showed everyone his determination to do what he could to stop the large beast. I am sure it must have come as quite a relief when we walked over to him and asked to take him to the play area.

Jax didn’t know what to think of us, and we really didn’t know what to think of him. We looked one another over and after about 10 minutes my husband and I realized that we would be leaving this shelter with a new family member. It’s a scary feeling signing off on papers for an animal you have only just met. You wonder if you will actually be the kind of dog parent that you hope to be…the parent you want to be. As we left the shelter, all three of us walking proudly side by side, we stepped into the outdoor air and saw the joy on Jax’s face as he crouched on the grass to pee. Ah, freedom at last.

The car ride home was really the first glimpse into our dog’s thirst for life. His head proudly out the window while sitting rested in my husband’s lap. He took in every smell, every tiny sent that crept into his nostrils while the wind blew in his face. His eyes were spreading in all directions from the air catching the insides of his eyelids. We laughed hysterically at this seemingly class clown. It was clear that there was no sign of fear, just an excitement for the unknown. Jax didn’t think twice about his former home. No, instead he looked forward to what was next and what his new home might be like.

Finding my calling

So for whatever reason I completely lost sight of up keeping my blog, in fact I haven't updated this blog or the supposed "blog of all times" in what has really been ages. I have been so neglectful of my writing that I have found myself merely scribbling down random thoughts on papers that I've already lost, leaving nothing to capture the every day moments.

So here I am, ready to write, and friends PLEASE hold me accountable. I want to write. Yes, I want to write for real. Not like the diary online that is purely for our own benefit to vent or celebrate in the day to day life. No I mean the kind of writing that runs through your blood and brings a kind of unexplainable joy to your soul. I want to open myself up to criticism and rejection, in order to maybe someday experience the wonder of unimaginable achievement. I want to know that someone had the chance to read the words I wrote and experience a moment of laughter...in fact, maybe we will laugh together, but worlds apart.

I have a million ideas in my head, so until they come into order I have decided to put what I think down to the keyboard in a safe place that can be returned to at anytime. Thus, the start of a new journey begins (fingers crossed). Ready, set, go...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Too big for my own pants

Most work days usually begin wtih a slight mulling over what to wear to work. Searching through the mounds of clothes, frustrated by the fact that I can't seem to hang anything up. But today, well today was special. I had already planned to wear my gray work pants, happy with myself that for once I wouldn't take the easy way out byslapping on my black pants. You know, the pair that never lets you down, always fits, looks great, and goes with anything. No, today would be my gray pants day...or so I thought. Without hesitation I went to pull the pants on, watching the snip-it on TV about the latest "Eat This, Not That" selection on the Today Show. After getting my pants all the way to the top something hit me. My pants don't fit! I tugged at the button a bit, thinking it might be in my head. No, they don't fit, in fact I think they might be venturing into crevices they don't belong. Sigh...black pants it is.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Married and already sick!

No, not sick of being married, just plain old sick! Ryan and I returned from our amazing honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico on Sunday evening. I suppose it was bound to happen, and it did...I officially have a voice comparable to that little green frog. Nothing feels sexier then trying to seduce my now husband with words that resemble a woman who has been smoking all of her life. But I am SO happy to now be a Donelson, and it was amazing to see my friends and family. Always amazing to reunite with old friends, it reminds you of how empty life would be without them. I'm working up on putting together a 2nd blog, like my good friend Tammy is doing and yet with her help and encouragement. I know, i can barely even keep up one blog, but i think this next one will be a place that i can voice my thoughts. This blog is about our lives, that of Ryan and I, and the one to come, well it will be what passes through my brain at different points in the day. So either way I suggest buckling that seat belt since it may be a bumpy ride!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding Madness

I now can see why they created the show Bridezillas...because something about the joining of two families brings out a little bit of spaz in all of us. I find myself losing my cool over simple things that I usually brush off, and in the meantime my poor fiance has to discover knew ways to calm my nerves. No, nothing inappropriate! So today, in honor of being nearly 3 months out from our big day, i am going to write a few things that I LOVE about wedding planning:

1) Spoiling my bridesmaids - I am getting carried away with all the fun gifts out there to give my girls. I wish i had a million dollars for each because I keep finding new items that I know they would each love!

2) DJ song list - Ryan and I are going to boogey on the dance floor...I mean really we can't take ourselves seriously for too long, so don't expect a ton of gushy dance moves, it's going to be pure fun and laughter!

3) Wedding Dress - i keep peeking in the dress bag, wanting to play dress up around the house just about every minute of the day. If it were acceptable i would wear my dress to work, veil and all, just to simply to be in it!
4) Family - yes despite the fact that our family counts for the wedding are very different, i am excited that our union means I will have an additional set of parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, even another sister and brother! Just more people to spoil and love on!...plus the additional pet sitting help doesn't hurt! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adventures in St. Augustine

There is an unusual sense of pleasure that comes from watching your dog meet a horse for the very first time. His shoulders hunched, crawling forward with much hesitation, cautiously taking in the different smells and overwhelming height of this stranger. If it weren't for the horse's amazing patience, i'm not sure we would have even attempted to make the introduction. All in all, I was proud of our little boy, but in reality, he was a pretty big wimp! This was about as close as he got and then quickly turned the other way, fleeing whatever danger he senses in this giant monster. Who knows maybe we will try an actual carriage ride next time!